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Welcome to the club you never wanted to be a part of.... the club of

There is a reason sibling grievers are called 'forgotten mourners'. We are rarely mentioned in grief literature, and many of us are constantly told that our grief matters less than the grief of our other family members. Few support groups exist for us, making it difficult to find others who understand this grief. This can leave us feeling isolated, invalidated and alone. 

But in this group you will find a space where your loss is honored, and even understood. 

This group is for you if you have ever wondered "Am I the only one?".

Sad on Couch


While our more intimate sibling group only happen each year, there will be opportunities to meet with siblings with others who have experienced sibling loss with similarities to yours. 

While the event will take place live on a Saturday of the month you do not have to attend the live event to benefit from the course

Gain Tools

Learn how to survive the pain of your specific loss by getting information about

-how this specific type of loss affects the way you grieve

- how this type of trauma can affect you and change you

- how to find support groups that may be helpful for you

And leave with a list of other support tools including books and podcasts you can return to over and over to feel a bit less alone.

Connect with other grievers

Connect to other grievers who know what this specific type of loss feels like, by being matchedto a new griever every 3 months.

You will be given email prompts to connect every other week, and encouragement to connect in other ways as well (phone calls, social media, etc.)

Share about your sibling and your grief in a space that is safe and full of the understanding that only comes with a shared experience. 

Learn what has helped them on their path of grief, and form bonds that help you feel less alone in your own unique grief.

Get answers

There are so many questions we have after loss, including questions specific to the type of loss we have experienced. These questions are often hard to ask, as we can be worried about how they will be received by others.

In this space you will feel safe as you hear me answer questions about grief struggles that can be difficult to verbalize aloud - and if you feel comfortable- you will even have an opportunity to ask questions of your own. 

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