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My Relationships are Falling Apart- What do I do?

I'm embarrassed to admit this - but the truth is I assumed before experiencing loss that grief would be somewhat compartmentalized. You missed the person of course, maybe even felt deeply devastated that they had died - but I was completely unprepared for how to sudden loss of my brother, sister, and nieces would completely upend my entire life, including MANY of my friendships.

In my practice as a grief coach I have found that so many grievers find that their relationships in a huge way after loss.

People are ghosted by close friends they had expected to count on for support, or their relationships with their living family members fall apart. Many grievers I spoke to have experienced divorces, difficult breakups and estrangement from those they once had loving relationships with.

Through all these changes I often hear grievers ask themself the same questions

"Are these relationship struggles all my own fault?"

"Do I need to hide or shrink my grief if I don't want to be condemned to a life of loneliness?"

Today I am going to pose a few questions that can help you gain clarity and confidence in how to move forward in different relationships in your life - and I will share an example of when I have not used these steps and how much hurt it has caused. I will also share the time I did use these steps and how it helped.

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