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This event is a virtual hangout to help you navigate the new dynamics that can come up in a parent- child relationship after the death of a sibling. 


Trust me you're definitely not the only struggling to adjust to how grief has changed this relationship.


I'm hosting a two-night virtual hangout where I give you real and practical tips you can actually use in this relationship.


Here's what to expect


  • Night 1: We're unpacking the new family dynamic. We'll chat about how your relationship with your parents might have shifted, why it's happening, and how to cope. Plus, we'll talk through some strategies to improve communication and understanding.
  • Night 2: We're going deeper. We'll explore how to balance your needs with your parents' grief, how to set boundaries (yeah, it's okay!), and ways to honor your sibling's memory together. You will have the option to break into smaller groups for some heart-to-heart convos about these challenges. (If you aren't ready for that, there will be individual exercises you can choose to do instead).

Each night, we'll spend 90 minutes together, mixing it up with:

  • Frank discussions about the evolving parent-child relationship post-loss
  • Interactive sessions where you can share your experiences (or just listen - no pressure!)
  • A toolkit of resources to help you keep working on this important relationship

After each session, you'll have the chance to connect one-on-one with other sibling grievers who get what you're going through with your parents.

We're keeping it small and cozy, so everyone gets a chance to be heard if they want to.

  • August 19th and 21st
  • 5:15 pm - 6:45 pm PST (7:15 CST, 8:15 EST)
  • Online (wear your pj's if you'd like!!)


See you there!

Navigating Your Parents After Sibling Loss

$124.99 Regular Price
$99.99Sale Price
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