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Lost your only sibling? Join our two-night virtual event for support and connection. After talking with many grievers, it's clear more support is needed for this unique loss. No stuffy lectures, just real talk about the stuff that matters:

  • Feeling like you're suddenly an "only child" (but also knowing that this title doesn't fit at all)
  • Dealing with the heavy empty space that exists where your shared future used to be
  • Juggling your grief while feeling pressure to be your parents' sole support system
  • And so much more!

Over two 90-minute sessions, we'll dive into:

  • How to honor your sibling's memory without living in their shadow
  • Tricks for handling those dreaded family events and holidays
  • How to move through that survivor's guilt that inevitably comes up
  • Strategies for building a life that's meaningful with moments of joy (even amid your ever present grief).

Plus, you'll get to connect with other only-sibling grievers who totally get what you're going through. Because sometimes, you just need to talk to someone who understands.

Whether your loss is fresh or you've been experiencing this loss for years, this event is for you. Come as you are, share if you want, or just listen and relax into a space where you finally feel understood.

The nitty-gritty:


  • August 12th and 14th
  • 5:15 pm - 6:45 pm PST (7:15 CST, 8:15 EST)
  • Online (join us in your comfiest pjs!)

Spots are limited to keep things cozy, so grab yours now!

Let's navigate this grief together – because you might have lost your only sibling, but you're not alone in this.

    Surviving The Loss of Your Only Sibling

    $124.99 Regular Price
    $99.99Sale Price
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