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Hi, my name is Gretchen, and I am passionate about giving you a safe space to express your grief , along with tools as you learn to live with the pain of a heart broken by loss. 

My Story

As a survivor of multiple losses, I am all too familiar with the pain and isolation that comes with grieving. In May of 2019 my youngest brother Jacob died by suicide and two months later my older sister Alanna and her twin girls June and Ruby were driving home from church when they were hit and killed by a semi-truck. In my wildest dreams I could never have imagined for our family to undergo such loss, and for people I love so dearly to die in such violent ways.

As I struggled to survive my pain, I was shocked by the reactions of people. I felt immense pressure to act strong, and to carry on as though nothing had happened.


As I gathered resources to support myself in living a life that will always be filled with grief I became increasingly aware of the truth that they are so many people out there who also feel desperately alone in their grief

I now practice grief coaching a- not only to honor my love for my family members who have died, but because I feel such a deep respect for the love you have for your person who has died. This love is so strong that it was not destroyed by their death- and yet it is precisely because of this great love that you are in so much pain. I am here to help you cope with that pain, and explore different tools and treatments that may help you with the trauma of this loss as well as your grief. 

I received a certificate in spiritual companioning; and underwent training in grief coaching from the Creative Grief Studio. With this training I have helped so many grievers learn to validate and protect their grief in a society that does not understand the pain of loss. I have helped them to create lives that feel gentle, safe, and supportive of living a life now so marked by loss.

I specialize in coaching people who have experienced traumatic loss, suicide loss, and sibling loss. 

Thank you for being here, for reading my story, and for trusting me with your grief. 


I am always eager to hear the experiences, ideas, and thoughts of others. Don't be shy!

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