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All spots in this group have now been filled.
To make sure you do not miss out on any future sibling grief offers please email me through the link below

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Welcome to Our Sibling Group

You will not be forgotten here.

There is a reason sibling grievers are called 'forgotten mourners'. We are rarely mentioned in grief literature, and many of us are constantly told that our grief matters less than the grief of our other family members. Few support groups exist for us, making it difficult to find others who understand this grief. This can leave us feeling isolated, invalidated and alone. 

But in this group you will find a space where your loss is honored, and even understood. Formulated in a way specifically designed to create bonds between you and other sibling grievers this group; this group is for you if you have ever wondered "Am I the only one?".

The format...

In this group you will be invited to connect with other sibling grievers over the bond of a sibling. As we listen to your unique experience with loss and your personal relationship with your sibling, you will come to feel understood and seen in this painful grief. You can share as little or as much as you like, we are here to meet you wherever you are in your journey.

No matter what you will leave each session knowing that while you feel alone you are part of our very loving community of sibling grievers. And we will all root each other on as we walk through this journey of sibling grief together. 


The week before our first meeting. you will be added into a group chat (via the app GROUPME) in which you will be invited to introduce yourself and share a picture of you and your sibling. Each week you will be invited to share about your grief or your sibling, and you will be sent helpful resources including podcasts and articles.

You are also welcome to ask other group members questions about their own experiences with grief. Through these messages you will slowly come to know others who know the pain of sibling grief. After the group has ended I will continue to ask questions in this group for another month. And use the group chat to check in on you throughout the holidays.

You can continue to communicate with other grievers you meet through the group chat after the support group has ended. There will also be as opportunity for the possibility of 'reunion' meet ups depending on interest.


Each session will last two hours. We will start by introducing the main topic of the session and each of us will have an opportunity to share what this topic brings up for us, which will then lead to a more organic discussion. The last half hour will be focused on 'repair work' which may include a writing exercise, or continued discussion as you learn tools that will help you cope with the pain of this loss.


Joining a grief group can be scary, which is why when joining this group you must agree to the rules listed below. These rules are designed to keep you and the other sibling grievers feeling emotionally safe and able to share freely without being judged.
All Group Members must agree to:

- Be on time for meetings

- Respect that each griever's story of loss is unique and worthy of our respect. No one's story is right or wrong, all are valid.

- Witness the pain of others without trying to 'fix' this pain or offer unwarranted advice.

- Respect any request to privacy (any person can choose not to share at any time)

- Honor each members right to privacy and confidentiality. Nothing discussed in this group should be shared outside of the group.


Ask Away!

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