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Flower Shadow

It's time for you to have a space where you feel supported and cared for as you grieve the death of your sibling. 

Have you...

craved resources about others who have experienced this loss, where they share what they have felt and how they have survived this?


felt isolated in this loss, leaving you wonder if your grief for your sibling even matters?

searched in vain for support groups that make space for the unique pain of sibling loss?

No matter how recent or long ago your loss occurred, this community was made with you in mind. 

Join The Sibling Grief Community

where you will be given resources that are specific to how you lost your sibling, can ask anonymous questions about difficult subjects, and learn how to built a safe and gentle life as you continue to grieve this massive loss. 

Features of Our Community

Get Resources for Sibling Grief

Each week you will be given a resource about sibling loss, or a resource about specific types of sibling loss (loss to suicide, addiction, physical illenss, or a truamatic event) in the corresponding forum. You can post your thoughts and share about your grief in these forums, or use them to find supportive tools for your specific type of sibling loss.

My Personal Insights and Resources I Recommend

Receive weekly email in which I share personal stories about my experience with sibling loss; including breakups with friends, my journey with antidepressants, and what is currently helping me cope.

Sibling Grief Q&As

Get answers to your hard questions by submitting questions for me to answer during our monthly Q&A where talk about the specific struggles of sibling loss. Questions may be submitted anonymously.

You may ask for advice about a personal aspect of your grief, or for information on broader parts of loss. You may even ask questions about my own grief experience! No question is off limits here.

Community Grief Sessions

Every month join our community of sibling grievers as we come together and work through our grief side by side for 30 minutes through an art or writing exercise (a pen and paper will be enough for all sessions). 

Sharing your own grief is completely option and only occurs in the last 5-10 minutes of a session. 

 (Session times will be rotated to allow all to attend - no matter their time zone).

All sessions will be recorded so you do not have to attend the live events. 


Each Monday

Receive a podcast or article that is either about sibling loss, or the specific way you lost your sibling.


These resources will be posted in forums. You can post your thoughts and share about your grief in these forums, or use them to find supportive tools for your specific type of sibling loss.

Each Friday

Get an email from me where I share about my grief or what is currently helping me cope.

This week I will share about:

-how to recognize if a relationship is still healthy for you after loss

- tips on getting better sleep after loss

- my journey with antidepressants (and what I've learned from this experience)

- How I cope with anger at those who I feel abandoned by after loss

Febraury 13th

Listen in on an open discussion with my husband and me as we explore:

- How grief affected physical intimacy

- whether grief caused blow up fights between us (spoiler: it did)

- how he has grieved who I was before this loss.



February 18th

@6:30 pm PST (8:30 CST, 9:30 EST)

Join me and other sibling grievers as we explore how we feel life has been changed by the traumatic loss of our sibling. 

There is no sharing in this group until the last 5-10 minutes of the group (and it is purely optional) You can have your camera off during the group if that feels best for you. 

All you need is a pen and paper to join this safe space filled with others who also know the pain of sibling grief. 

Your loss matters here. 

No matter the type of death your sibling had, how complicated your relationship with them, or how long ago your sibling died your grief will always, always, matter here. 

Flower Shadow

Here's what people don't understand

Sibling Loss is one of the most isolating losses you can experience -


We are told by our community to be strong for our parents.


Our friends don't understand why we have become a completely different person. Most of them have not yet experienced a significant loss. 

We are rarely spoken of in grief literature, and even more rarely studied.

This leaves us feeling like there is no room for our grief, or for us for that matter. 

But by connecting with other sibling grievers we can all come to see that we are far less alone in our feelings that we believe.  

Finally hear your grief acknowledged.  

Get emotional support, finally feel validated, and learn how to cope with the unique challenges that come with sibling loss. 

Words From Past Sibling Group Participants ...

Gretchen leads a compassionate and empathetic space for sibling grievers to feel understood and not alone... I felt a bizarre sense of relief seeing others who have experienced the tragedy of losing their siblings, and it helped me tremendously.
A unique grief group experience that helped me recognize my feelings and connect with others going through similar circumstances. I loved ... having a safe space to talk about my sibling and hear others perspectives too.
I’m so glad I found this group, unlike therapy, I looked forward to the meetings and seeing that I’m not alone in my grief of losing a sibling and how it’s impacted every aspect of my life. Hearing that I’m not alone in this has been very validating.


Hi! I'm Gretchen, and as a fellow sibling griever I am dedicated to create space for your grief. 

In May of 2019 my youngest brother Jake died by suicide, 2 months later my sister and nieces were killed in a car. Since learning how to treat my self with compassion, and live a life full of connection and meaning as I continue to grieve these people I love I have become dedicated to helping grievers like you do the same. 

Flower Shadow

 Connect with other sibling grievers and gain new tools to cope with this unique loss;
all for less than the price of one therapy session a year!

  • Monthly Membership

    Every month
     14 day free trial
    • Immediate access to all community features
    • Cancel at any time
  • 6 month plan

    Every 6 months
    SAVE OVER 20%
    • Immediate access to all community features
    • 10% Off my annual sibling grief group, and any sibling event
    • cancel at any time
I can't recommend working with Gretchen enough! She is so insightful and kind. She provided endless resources and perfectly structured the course to examine our grief in so many different ways. I have been on this grief journey for 4 years now and have tried so many different support groups and things like this, even still, Gretchen provided something I haven't found anywhere else. If you ever get the opportunity to work with her, jump on it! You won't regret it!
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